While being away on vacation or an extended period of time you want to ensure that your home is safe, secure and meeting home insurance policy requirements. 

SEAMAC Home Check will regularly monitor the exterior and interior of your home and professionally care and look after your home to meet your insurance requirements. You set the frequency of checks which meet your insurance policy needs. 

We serve Nanoose Bay, Parksville and Craig Bay. 

SEAMAC Home Checks include:

- Walking interior of every room to check for security issues or water damage

- Regular log of checks left in home

- Hot water tank and water shut-off checked and turned off when away

- Run kitchen sink, bathroom faucets, and flush toilets (prevent pipe damage)

- Mail, postal package and newspaper collection

- Appliances, including fridge, stove, freezers as well as hot tub maintenance

- Checking heat pumps and hot water tanks including plumbing at every visit

- Watering indoor plants (if required)

- Checking windows and doors ensuring they are properly locked

- Run air-conditioning and heating systems (ensures air circulation)

- Exterior of home (checking for weather damage)

- Start cars and idle engines (if requested by homeowner to prevent battery damage)

- Replace smoke detector batteries (if low level battery indicator warning) 

- Confirm alarm system remains activated

- Regular emails to clients including photos of possible issues

Additional services:

Arrange to open home and supervise service personnel i.e. electricians, plumbers, heating & cooling and more

Small yard maintenance including mowing the lawn, weeding and pruning, if required

Pressure washing driveways and decks in spring and fall

Arranging housekeeping/spring cleaning prior to your return

Key holder for alarm systems*

While you’re away you can feel confident that your home or recreation property in the Nanoose Bay, Craig Bay or Parksville area is being regularly monitored and maintained by people who work professionally and are very dedicated to their work. 

* Alarm Response Key Holder:

SEAMAC Home Check is only liable as a first response if the alarm company speaks directly with Sylvia May, owner of company. You can ascertain a secure password to the alarm company that only SEAMAC Home Check and home owner knows. 

SEAMAC Home Check will visit property and make sure it is secure and ‘closed up’. We do not accept liability if the alarm company fails to make contact. It is understood by the client that SEAMAC Home Check cannot be on stand-by 24 hours per day.